Widad University College (formerly known as University College Shahputra) began with the establishment of Institut Fitra on December 24, 1997 and was fully owned by the Shahputra Education Sdn Bhd, a private Bumiputera company. TESL and Accounting Matriculation students from UPM are among the first groups of students of the institute, registered in June 1998. Following the promising increase in the number of students, Institut Fitra moved to an 8 hectares area in Pekan, Pahang.

Concurrently with the transfer, Institut Fitra changed its name to Kolej Shahputra. Kolej Shahputra continued to record impressive number of students each year. Thus, in mid-2007, the institute has moved forward with the transfer of operations to a new campus in Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan. The new campus featured a more complete facilities with modern teaching equipments as well as a more conducive environment for learning. The unique architecture of the new campus has made Kolej Shahputra one of the famous landmarks in Kuantan.

Widad University College is planning to widen its footprint to Klang Valley and expand its program offering to Masters and Doctorate level. Widad University College has outlined its 3-Pillar Strategy (2016-2020) in support of our National Higher Education Blueprint (2015-2025) which aims to create a more comprehensive "value-chain" with establishment of new main campus and Widad Specialist Centre, increase participation of international students and strengthen learning approach and experience via closer collaboration with the industry.The strategies have been put forward to strengthen the institution's overall quality as well as to inculcate entrepreneurship mindset amongst graduates that will eventually ease marketability of the graduates.


    Widad University College aims to become an international institution of higher learning which is able to produce professionals who can excel in both challenging local and global markets.


    * To produce professional human capital that meets the aspirations and the industrial needs in and out of the country.

    * To provide systematic and sophisticated teaching and learning facilities;

    * To establish the latest research and development (R & D);

    * TTo create a smart partnership with the industrial sector.

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WIDAD University College(WUC) Signed an MoU with PRIMS Medical College

The Vice Chancellor Dr. Hj. Shohaimi Bin Abdullah and Dr. P.Murugesan, Chairman, PRIMS Medical College jointly MoU to establish offshore International Medical campus in Chennai ECR on 10.12.2018. As per the MoU it is proposed to establish a Medical College with MBBS and other Medical programme in PRIMS Medical College from the year 2020-21. The students of MBBS will study both in India as well in Malaysia. NEET qualification is mandatory for Admission. There will be student and staff exchange during this programme. Students after accomplish MBBS programme has undergo an exhibit of MCI-Govt. India..