Introduction: The main objectives of Community Medicine teaching is to expose medical students to Primary and Secondary healthcare settings where they will have to render competent promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services. This helps them to serve the needy people in the community as primary healthcare physicians, with a holistic approach, in alignment with the National Health Goals and the vision of the Ministry of Health.

Curriculum requirement: In our institution, the total duration of medical education for medical students is four and half years. As part of the curriculum students are posted to the Community Medicine Department for three and half years, where they are required to meet certain objectives drawn from the Institutional Goals. The broad objectives are; • to appraise the health status of a community • in depth study of public health and preventive medicine • in depth study of primary healthcare services to become a competent primary healthcare physician.

 Classroom to Community: An emphatic shift in the area and method of Community Medicine teaching gives students more opportunity to be with the people and the community during their learning process.

The fully functional Urban Health Training Center and Rural Health Training Centre attached to the Department, catering to a population of 15,000 and spread over 3 townships and 9 villages are field training areas for students.