To educate and train the future leaders of various professions and to inculcate in them skills and abilities for lifelong learning and growth. To conduct research and create new knowledge as an integral part our education programme and its continued renewal for the enhancement of the quality of the profession. To create and sustain an educational environment to provide an ambience not only for materialistic search but also for spiritual quest.  To establish a charity teaching hospital with all start of art facilities rendering world class treatment by eminent professionals and to deliver quality Under Graduate and Post Graduate Medical and Para Medical Education.



To create a reservoir of human resources towards making a happier and healthier society. To make learning endeavors a lifelong process and thereby allow the benefits to percolate down to enhance the quality of life of all members of the society and allow it to grow to be a more human and considerate knowledge society, to care to the poor, to reach the unreachable and to deliver quality medical and paramedical education.